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Available Services

Supporting Your Success

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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

* Phentermine



* Vitamin B12 Injections

* Lipo Injections (Fat Burner Injections)

*Semaglutide Injections


We provide a 30 day supply of the diet medication Phentermine for those who qualify. Additionally, B-12 and/or Lipo injections may be utilized to assist in your weight loss goals.

Eating Out

Lifestyle Counseling

Nutritional and Fitness Guidance

Lifestyle changes is an essential component of any diet program. Our goals is help you find lifestyle and dietary changes that can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Measuring Waist

Weight and Biometric Analysis

*  Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement

*  Body Composition Analysis

Obtaining weight, BMI, and body composition analysis data we are able to able to provide a more thorough evaluation to determine what would be an appropriate and safe amount of weight for you to lose.

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